Love Your Liver, Love Your Life

Pre-recorded class with Stacie Satery 

Learn how to use the herbal allies that all women need for better health. Join Stacie Satery, founder of Intentional Health, in this class for moms only. Herbal Allies for Women is taught by Stacie Satery, a trained Herbalist and Charlotte Mason homeschool mom. Stacie is the founder of Intentional Health, a holistic health website where she offers herbal consultations and classes. Stacie trained under renowned herbalists Rosemary Gladstar and Michael and Lesley Tierra. You can learn more about Stacie and her credentials here. Stacie Satery - Trained Herbalist - teaches Botany at The Charlotte Mason Co-op - Charlotte Mason Science


Ready to dive into some of the serious issues that plague women and the organs that are affected? Join me as we learn about the liver and its amazing capabilities. You’ll learn ways to show love to your liver and reap the benefits of its detoxing superpowers. We’ll also dive into how the Liver affects seasonal allergies and herbal allies for those pesky seasonal complaints. And we’ll finish out the semester with a quick peek into the Liver’s effects on our hormones and the years ahead.. perimenopause and menopause.   


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  • Number of Classes: 5
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  • Ages: Moms only
  • Semester Access: Fall 2022 Semester: September 6th through December 20th

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  • Class #1: The Energetics of Herbs (in a quick nutshell)
  • Class #2: The Liver Part 1: Love Your Liver, Love Your Life
  • Class #3: The Liver Part 2: Love Your Liver, Love Your Life
  • Class #4: Seasonal Support for Allergies
  • Class #5: Perimenopause and Menopause: Navigating the Change of Course with Herbs

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“Educational, practical, fun and engaging – this class exceeded my expectations in every way. I thought I already knew all about herbs, but in this class I learned how to use them in new and creative ways for the health of myself and my family. Stacie presented the information in an easy-to-understand format. I would highly recommend this class to both those who are new to herbs, and those who already know the basics – everyone will take away something from this class!” – Leslie Ann


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