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Stacie Satery

Hi! I’m Stacie, the Botany expert here at A Charlotte Mason Plenary! I am an herbalist, the founder of Intentional Health, and a homeschooling mama of four children ages 8 to 14. 

We have been homeschooling since the very beginning and switched over fully and completely to a Charlotte Mason style of education five years ago…and we’ve never looked back. 

My herbal training includes three years of study under Rosemary Gladstar through the Sage Mountain Herbal Center where I completed the Science & Art of Herbalism course, an intensive program in the didactic, therapeutic, laboratory, and fieldwork of herbalism. 

I am currently enrolled as an advanced student with the East-West School of Planetary Herbology, studying under Michael and Lesley Tierra, where I am fine-tuning my skills as an herbalist to help clients reach their goals through a wider array of healing systems and modalities including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

My plant knowledge stretches across the Western terrain and into India and China with an ability to integrate different herbs from different places in order to make the most effective formula based on each individual’s unique constitution. In addition to studying with Rosemary Gladstar and The Tierras, I have had the opportunity to take classes and study with some of the most dedicated herbalists of our time including Paul Bergner, Christopher Hobbs, Emily Ruff and David Winston. I am a current member of the American Herbalists Guild and The Herbal Academy’s Herbarium. I am active in my community as an herbalist, offering one-on-one consultations and small local classes about herbs and their effect on the body as well as demonstrations of how to make herbal remedies.  

I am passionate about books, herbs and Charlotte Mason style homeschooling.  At the end of the day, I may be defined by plain words: Wife. Mom. Homemaker. Homeschooler. Herbalist.  But my life is anything but plain. It is full of beauty and gratitude and I feel it in the simple things of life: deep dark chocolate, a steaming cup of herbal tea, freezing time with the click of a camera, and sharing what I know through teaching (be it formal classes or one-on-one consultations). You can find me blogging at or you can follow me on instagram @witheveryintention.

I am filled with joy that you’re here with me on this intentional journey of learning, growing and stretching… join me in saying Nunc Copei and let the wonder and discovery of our classes together begin!


  • Trained Herbalist
  • Founder, Intentional Health
  • Writer
  • CM Homeschooling Mom
  • Leader of a local Charlotte Mason Mom’s Group
Stacie Satery - Certified Herbalist - teaches Botany at The Charlotte Mason Co-op

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