A Charlotte Mason Plenary

The word “Plenary” means


To bring people together

Where everyone deserves a seat at the table

When we come together with our differences, we learn from each other.

We are better because of our diversity.

Let us teach that lesson to our children also.

Our Mission


We are here to help you forge your own path..

Your own “Charlotte Mason Homeschool Your Way” path.

It’s the road less traveled.

It’s a path with winding roads and uphill climbs.. with discoveries at every step.

It’s a path with scenic overlooks and beauty beyond compare.

It’s a path worth taking.

We’re here to help you every step of the way.

The CMP Team

because we’re better together

Amy Bodkin

Special Needs Consultant

Lari Jo Edwards

Science Education Specialist

Sarah Collins

Occupational Therapist

Stacie Satery

Object Lessons Specialist

RaeAnna Goss

Music Specialist

Suzanne Gose

Foreign Language Specialist

Lynne Moore

Dyslexia & Reading Comprehension Specialist

Charlotte Mason Your Way

with A Charlotte Mason Plenary

because your way is the best way for your family.