Free Charlotte Mason Study 20 Principles

Finding “Your Way”
with Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles
Free Online Course
with Study Guide and Videos

Welcome to Finding Your Way with Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles. This free Course will walk you through each educational principle established by Charlotte Mason.

At A Charlotte Mason Plenary, we aim to make learning Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education as easy as possible so that families may benefit from this method of education.

Charlotte’s educational philosophy is a method, not a system, and is highly adaptable to each child’s needs, as well as the family’s needs and circumstances. At A Charlotte Mason Plenary, we help you adapt the method to make it “Charlotte Mason Your Way.”

One size does not fit all when it comes to education, but by learning the Principles, families can more readily customize any curricula to better meet their needs.

This Online Course includes several components, all of which are FREE for you to use :

▪ Study Guide with Charlotte Mason’s original text (as a PDF download)

▪ Videos by Rachel Lebowitz, Owner of A Charlotte Mason Plenary

▪ Videos by Amy Bodkin, EdS, Special Needs Consultant at A Charlotte Mason Plenary

▪ Audio Book of Volume 6, A Philosophy of Education, produced by A Charlotte Mason Plenary

▪ Links to audio of other CM Volumes where available

In addition to the above, we also offer a Mom’s Study Group with discussions via Zoom through our two Membership programs at A Charlotte Mason Plenary:

▪ The Charlotte Mason Online Co-op: Your Community, Your Way

▪ Special Needs Homeschooling with Amy Bodkin

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