Principles 14 & 15: The Practices of Narration & A Single Reading

Steps to Study this Principle

Note: All the study steps are available below.. just scroll down! 

  1. Watch Rachel’s “Principle Overview” video
  2. Watch Amy’s “Special Needs Considerations” video
  3. Download your free Study Guide
  4. Read or listen to relevant chapter from Charlotte Mason’s Volumes (if you have time.. we know you are busy!)
  5. Answer the study questions below
Step 1: Principle Overview by Rachel Lebowitz
Step 2: Special Needs Considerations for this Principle by Amy Bodkin, EdS
Step 3: Download Your FREE Study Guide
Step 4: Read or listen to the relevant chapter

You can listen to Volume 1, Home Education, for free on Librivox here.

If you don’t own Volume 1, you can download the FREE PDF Study Guide in Step #3. It includes the chapter reading and the study questions for this Principle. Or you can simply listen to audio of this chapter.

If you’d like to have the whole Volume 1 book, you can purchase The Annotated Edition of Volume 1 here (published by A Charlotte Mason Plenary).

Step 5: Study Questions

You can find the study questions listed in the 20 Principles Study Guide.

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