Provisions for Your Journey

We make it easy to find the right “books & things” for your unique path.

You’ll be prepared for an easy journey filled with scenic overlooks and beauty beyond compare.

Living Books Collection:
The CMP Charlotte Mason Subjects Pages

Wish you had a library filled with living books? Need a book suggestion for a certain subject?

Visit our (free) CM Subjects pages!

Every subject. Every grade level.

You’ll find a treasure trove of living book suggestions and resources for every subject and every grade level.

See the CM Subjects pages here.

Books & Things

CMP also publishes homeschooling materials just for you!

Books, guides, blueprints… you name it, we’ve got it!

See the Provisions category of our Shop for ALL. THE. BOOKS. AND. THINGS.

Online Courses for Students

So many courses, how will you choose?

Did you know that CMP offers online courses for students?

Now you can outsource Foreign Language, Handicrafts, or Plutarch (and much more)!

Let your student have fun in an online classroom while you get a few minutes to yourself.

See all of our online courses here.