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Lynne Moore

Hi, I’m Lynne Moore and I am an online tutor for children who struggle with dyslexia and reading comprehension.

I help children increase their receptive language skills and reading comprehension by helping them learn how to “see” what they are reading.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Spanish. I currently teach online and work with students diagnosed with dyslexia and/or hyperlexia. Between that, working in the classroom, and teaching my own kids, I have experience working with students’ various processing and learning disabilities. 

I am also a homeschool mom of both a teenager and a preteen. We are a (retired) military family, so I’ve been lucky enough to have lived in many different places and experienced many different cultures. 

I enjoy creating new ways to teach students so I can make learning fun. My goal is to make learning a positive experience for all involved! I hope you will join me in my class here at A Charlotte Mason Plenary!

Praise from Amy Bodkin, EdS, Special Needs Consultant

Lynne’s greatest strength is that she is able to befriend even the most reluctant learner because she is so sweet, friendly, and gentle.

The mark of a good teacher, like that of a good parent, is honestly not how much they know, but how much they care.

And Lynne’s wide range of experiences being a military family has really enabled her to do this even more so because she is ALWAYS able to find something to connect with a kid on!!

Lynne as a PERSON is what makes her excellent at what she does!!! Oh, and her patience.. oooohhhh the patience she has!!

I send families to Lynne for tutoring ALL THE TIME, but she has a VERY long waitlist because so many people find her work so helpful!

Her courses here at The Plenary will be such a great help to so many families!

Amy Bodkin, EdS

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