Does your student struggle with reading or spelling?

This Blueprint Guide shows you step-by-step how to address Dyslexia and other processing issues regarding letter recognition, spelling, and reading.

The Reading and Spelling Skills Blueprint was developed by Amy Bodkin, Special Needs Consultant, and Lynne Moore, a specialist in Dyslexia and reading comprehension.


Amy Bodkin is an Autistic adult with Dyslexia who now serves as a Special Needs Consultant to homeschooling families. You can learn more about Amy and her credentials here.

Lynne has been tutoring children with these difficulties for many years. You can learn more about Lynne and her credentials here.

Lynne has also created a Companion Course to this Blueprint Guide: Building Reading and Spelling Skills Online Course.

Our own Amy Bodkin, Special Needs Consultant, refers students to Lynne for private tutoring all the time. Due to Lynne’s very long waitlist for tutoring services, we have created this Parent Training Blueprint Guide and Corresponding Course to help YOU learn how to help your child.

Description from Amy & Lynne:

This Blueprint Guide will help students with dyslexia, as well as any student who is struggling with reading and spelling. We will show you how to use interactive gameplay as well as different methods to improve your student’s reading and spelling. These strategies are shown to increase success in both reading and spelling. We will also show you how to engage the interest of students at multiple ages and levels.

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1 review for Reading and Spelling Skills Blueprint

  1. Bianca Armstrong

    I have been using this curriculum with my 10 yo boy and my 6 yo girl fir a couple if weeks now. They love the games. They are having so much fun with it. I spent a week prepping all the games. I also took the class in addition to this.

    I give 5 stars on the games (my children love them) and explanations on how to play the games.

    I give 3 stars on general instructions. Instructions need to be added on when to move forward from section to section and which groups letters to use when. I asked in the class forum on clearer instructions for the beginning sections which was answered but it needs to be throughout in the guide.

    In the class someone asked for detailed questions to use for the transformer letters which needs to be included on the guide. It was answered and written for each letter which is very appreciated.

    Word Sounds Blueprint #3- I don’t know the phonics rules. I think each section could benefit with a word list. I’m going to have to look them up because I can’t think of them on the top of my head.
    Word families- I’m not sure what a word family is. Is that the group of sounds from the previous section and what is list that is mentioned?

    I have only worked on the first section with my children. I will have more questions as I go along. I do know Amy is very responsive to her emails.

    Overall, I am happy with this curriculum. If you have questions while using this curriculum, email Amy because feedback will be useful.

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