What if we had the opportunity to explore the beauty and rich history of minority cultures?

And what if we had the opportunity to learn from someone who is part of that minority group but is also fluent in the majority culture? That is exactly what this class will offer!

Amy Bodkin is one of the creators of Ani VeAmi (the Jewish Charlotte Mason curriculum), and a Reform Judaism convert. Teaching Assistant Ahavah Manning is an Orthodox Judaism convert.

The goal of this class is NOT to proselytize or to even give a single religious perspective. The goal is rather to introduce families to what is beautiful and valuable about Jewish cultural history.

This class is for all ages. We will cover history, music, art, holidays, the Jewish calendar, superheroes… and so much more!

Whether you are a non-Jewish family looking to expand your knowledge of the beauty to be found in Jewish history or a Jewish family looking to add an outsourced option for a Jewish school, this class is a great fit for all families!

For older students, we will also have discussions at the end of each class for parents and high school students about how they can recognize anti-semitism in their own community because recognizing anti-semitism requires cultural fluency!

There are very few required materials or homework assignments, but each week you will be given a list of optional resources for a variety of ability levels if you would like to go deeper!

You can learn more about Amy Bodkin here.


  • Registration fee: $95
  • Student Age Range: the entire family!

REQUIRED MATERIALS (not included):

OPTIONAL MATERIALS (not included):

For any optional projects, I will provide you with a list of all the materials recommended each week.

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Jewish Cultural History
Jewish Cultural History $95.00