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Spring 2022 Live Class

The “Joy” subjects of Picture Study and Folksongs can have such a positive impact on your homeschool.. now you can join Rachel in a fun and easy online class to bring more “joy” into your schedule! 

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Spring 2022 Live Class with Rachel Lebowitz

Join us for a fun Picture Study and Folksongs online class! 

Picture Study and Folksongs will be taught by Rachel Lebowitz, owner of A Charlotte Mason Plenary and author of The Annotated Charlotte Mason Series. 


I love the “Joy” subjects. Picture Study and Folksongs are definitely Joy subjects. The Joy subjects are activities that lower stress and increase bonding (it’s been scientifically proven)! Less stress, more joy.. yes please!

But in many homeschools, these are the subjects that get dropped first (or never even scheduled). I’m here to help you bring back the joy of these two subjects in a fun and easy online class!

This semester, we’ll be studying the American artist N.C. Wyeth for Picture Study. And we will also be singing and learning about the history and background of various folksongs as well. 


  • Day / Time: Tuesdays 12:30-1:00 p.m. Central Time
  • Number of Classes: 6
  • Minimum Class Size Needed: 12
  • Co-op Member Price: $8
  • Non-Member Price: $48
  • Prices are per family, not per student
  • All ages
  • Semester: You will have full access to this class and the instructor during the current semester
    • Spring 2022 Semester dates: January 17th through April 30th

REQUIRED MATERIALS (not included):


  • Class #1: Jan. 25th
  • Class #2: Feb. 8th
  • Class #3: Feb. 22nd 
  • Class #4: March 8th
  • Class #5: March 22nd
  • Class #6: April 5th

Watch me talk about the Picture Study & Folk Songs class in the video below:


  • 00:00-02:30 – Our Charlotte Mason Co-op Community
  • 02:31-26:17 – Plutarch for Teens: Publicola / Plutarch as a subject for character study
  • 26:18-30:13 – All about the Picture Study & Folk Songs class

Register for Picture Study and Folksongs today!



All online classes, whether Live or Recorded, offer access to the class forum where you can interact with the instructor. You will have access to the class and the instructor for the full semester. 

You may register for a class with or without joining The Charlotte Mason Co-op. However, please note that Co-op Members enjoy many benefits including:

  • Discounted prices on classes and CM merchandise
  • Full access to the Private Co-op Area of the Forum
  • Co-op “Gatherings” that include Mom’s Afternoon Tea, CM Study Sessions, Homeschool Planning Sessions, Book Clubs, etc.
  • See the full list of benefits here

When you register for a class and/or the co-op, you will be required to take the following steps:

  1. Fill out a Registration Form – your account status will be pending until your Registration Form has been received and approved. Please note that, after checkout, you will receive an email from rachel @ with the link to fill out the Registration Form.
  2. Read and agree to The Charlotte Mason Online Classes Handbook.
  3. Join the Forum – you can find the forum here:

Register today! We’d love to have you join us! 



Both new Members and Non-Members of The Charlotte Mason Co-op will be required to fill out and submit a Registration Form and must read and agree to the rules stated within The Charlotte Mason Online Classes Handbook. All Members and Non-Members status will be pending until they are approved and admitted to the Forum and any classes. Any violation of the rules within the Handbook are grounds for removal from The Charlotte Mason Co-op, the Forum, and all classes. A Charlotte Mason Plenary LLC reserves the right to deny access to classes, the forum, and any memberships to anyone at our sole discretion. Cancellations / non-payments of your monthly Co-op Membership fee will un-enroll you in any classes in which you registered for within the Membership. No refunds will be given for co-op fees or class registration fees. No refunds will be offered for classes lost due to cancellation or non-payment of your Membership.


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