Foreign Language from a Developmental Approach with Special Needs Consultant, Amy Bodkin, EdS

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Would you like to start learning Hebrew? In this class, we will be learning the Alef-Bet and vowel points. By the end of the course, you will have the tools necessary to decode almost any Hebrew word!

Amy often recommends Hebrew to her Special Needs Consult clients who have a child with Dyslexia. Hebrew is an ideal second language for many Dyslexic students because each Hebrew letter only makes one sound – much easier than the multiple-letter sounds of the English language!

Join Morah Amy (Morah means female teacher in Hebrew. See? You are learning Hebrew already!) as we get to know one of the oldest languages in the world! We will also be learning some vocabulary and gaining some exposure to Jewish culture. While this class will not be focused on a specific religious perspective, Hebrew is the language of the Jewish race, which is inextricably linked to Judaism.

Amy Bodkin is the Special Needs Consultant at A Charlotte Mason Plenary. As an Autistic adult with an EdS in Educational Psychology and the homeschooling parent of her two Autistic kids, Amy is uniquely qualified when it comes to teaching children with a wide range of developmental needs and subjects that emphasize “doing.”

Amy believes strongly that families benefit not from achieving perfection individually in a skill, but from participating together and deepening their relationships with the materials, techniques, and most importantly each other. All of her classes are open to the entire family regardless of age or development.

Amy is also one of the creators of the Jewish Charlotte Mason Curriculum, Ani VeAmi, and teaches at her local Jewish Sunday School. You can learn more about Amy Bodkin here.


  • Day / Time: Start any time / Go at your own pace
  • Registration fee: $60
  • Student Age Range: Anyone who can already read and write in English. Younger children who are not reading and writing in English yet can tag along (I am providing a list of materials for younger students under Optional Materials). We will spend the first bit of each class focusing on the things that are relevant to them before moving on to the students that can read and write.
  • You will have access to this course for 5 months (150 days) from the date of purchase

REQUIRED MATERIALS (not included):

OPTIONAL MATERIALS (not included):

For younger students that are not yet reading and writing in English:

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Intro to Hebrew


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