Amy Bodkin, EdS, is the Special Needs Consultant at A Charlotte Mason Plenary, an advocate for children with special needs at, a former School Psychologist, and a certified yoga instructor.

Amy is uniquely qualified when it comes to teaching children with a wide range of developmental needs and subjects that emphasize “doing” as well as “mindfulness.” All of her classes are taught from a developmental approach. You can learn more about Amy Bodkin here.


It is time to do something to take care of your own mental well-being and the mental health of your teen, and Yoga for Mental Health may be just the answer!

The last couple years have been quite challenging. In just the first few months of the pandemic, the prescription for anti-anxiety medications increased by 34%. During this past spring, ER visits for teenage suicide attempts increased more than 50% compared to the rates before the pandemic. And if you have tried to get an appointment with a therapist, then you probably know that almost all therapists are overbooked and not accepting new clients. 

In this class, I will help you and your teen release anxiety and improve mental well-being. I will be using my expertise as a Yoga Instructor (certified through Yoga Alliance) to teach you the philosophy that guides the practice of yoga.

While I am insured to provide instruction to special populations including pregnant women, children, and those with special needs, this particular class is for parents and teens. We will be doing some movement each class, but our main focus will be working within.


  • Day / Time: Start any time / go at your own pace
  • Age Range: Parents and Teens
  • Evergreen Semester Access: You will have access to this course for 5 months (150 days) from the date of purchase


OPTIONAL MATERIALS (not included):

  • Any yoga mat or props you like

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