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Does your teen need help with study skills, time management, organization, or any other executive functioning skills?

Join Sarah Collins in this class designed to help your student make the transition from teenager to adult.

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Current Semester Dates: Fall 2022
Start Date: September 6th
End Date: December 20th

Registration Now Open
Last Day to Register for Classes:
September 20, 2022

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Live Classes with Sarah Collins, Occupational Therapist

Does your teen need help with study skills, time management, organization, or any of the other “executive functioning skills” needed as they make the transition from teenager to adult? Executive Functioning Skills are defined as the “brain-based skills needed to effectively execute, or perform tasks and solve problems.” As with most skills, there is a range in development and expectations – not everyone needs to complete the same tasks on a daily basis. But, there must be a match between the environment, expectations, and abilities of a person. This class is designed to work with teenagers on:

  1. Identifying their strengths and weaknesses within executive functioning skills
  2. Learning how to adapt the environment or activity to promote success    

Course Topics include:

  • Response inhibition
  • Working Memory
  • Emotional Control
  • Planning/ Prioritization
  • Organization
  • Flexibility
  • Sustained Attention
  • Task Initiation
  • Time Management
  • Goal-directed persistence
  • Metacognition

Your instructor is Sarah Collins, MSOT, OTR/L. Sarah is an occupational therapist with a background in both pediatrics and home health. She is the founder of Homeschool OT and helps homeschooling families around the world. She is also a homeschooling mom. From Sarah:

Throughout our day we have a million things we want to do and a few that we need to do. To accomplish all these things there are underlying skills, known as executive functioning skills, that are necessary for success.  For some of us, prioritizing and following tasks through to completion is implicit. For a lot of us, getting lost along the way, frustrated and frazzled is all in a day’s work. This class is designed for those that executive functioning skills do not come as easily. We will target one of the underlying skills each week: Response Inhibition, Task Initiation, Planning/ Prioritization, Organization, Time Management, Attention, Flexibility of Thought, Emotional Control, and Self-Analysis.  We will identify the skill and practice it with the overall goal of promoting self-awareness and strategies to improve executive functioning skills.

Sarah Collins, Occupational Therapist at A Charlotte Mason Plenary Sarah has a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT, OTR/L). After many years working as an Occupational Therapist, she founded Collins Academy Therapy Services (aka the Homeschool OT) and now provides Occupational Therapy Consultations to homeschool families. You can learn more about Sarah Collins here.


  • Day / Time: Wednesdays @ 1:30pm CT
  • Registration fee: $75
  • Age range: 14+
  • Class max size: 15 families
  • Semester Access: September 6th through December 20th

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  • Wed Sept. 9th – What are Executive Functioning Skills?
  • Wed Sept. 14th – Attention
  • Wed Sept. 21st – Working Memory
  • Wed Sept. 28th – Planning/ Prioritization
  • Wed Oct. 5th – Organization
  • Wed Oct. 12th –Time Management
  • Wed Oct. 19th – Task Initiation
  • Wed Oct. 26th – Goal-Directed Persistence
  • Wed Nov. 2nd – Flexibility of Thinking
  • Wed Nov. 9th – Emotional Control
  • Wed Nov. 16th – Response Inhibition
  • Wed Nov. 30th – Metacognition
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