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Plutarch just got a whole lot easier!

Study Guide available as a PDF Download or a Paperback Book
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Plutarch can be so fun and interesting! And easy too!

Our Plutarch Study Guides make it easier to add Plutarch into your homeschool! Annotations, definitions, and pronunciations finally make Plutarch an open-and-go subject.

Add in our Plutarch Resources page and a Plutarch Picture Study, and Plutarch just got a whole lot more interesting! 


  • The original text of Plutarch’s Life of Julius Caesar, edited for content and length
  • Annotations, definitions, and pronunciations
  • An Introduction gives you biographical information about Plutarch himself.
  • A “Who’s Who” is included to help you understand the key players in Julius Caesar.
  • A Prologue sets the scene and will give you essential background information about Julius Caesar and the times in which he lived.
  • The Epilogue wraps up the Study Guide, connects it to more modern events, and gives the student some important ideas to think about.
  • Our free Julius Caesar Resources Page brings your Plutarch study to life. 

Don’t forget the Plutarch Picture Study that goes with Plutarch’s Life of Julius Caesar!

Just as Charlotte used specially edited school editions that removed unsuitable content for students, Plutarch’s text for the Life of Julius Caesar has been edited for content and length. You can feel comfortable handing it over to your student for independent use.

Preview free Sample Pages here.




2 reviews for Plutarch Guide: Julius Caesar

  1. Stacie Satery

    The Plenary’s Plutarch Guides have changed the study of Plutarch in our homeschool. The Plenary has included, in this guide (as with all the other Plutarch Guides), all kinds of useful tools… from vocabulary definitions to discussion questions to annotated notes. I appreciate that the vocabulary, notes and discussion questions are all in a sidebar, alongside the Plutarch text… no flipping back and forth to look up words or find side notes. At the beginning of the guide, there’s a Who’s Who page… very convenient for reference. The Guide includes pronunciations of some of the names which is so nice, as I tend to butcher the names otherwise. And the discussion questions proved to be discussion worthy; they didn’t simply ask for information recall, but rather gave my kids and me thoughts to ponder and discuss.

    We really appreciated Lesson 1 which was an introduction from The Plenary. It helped set the stage for us which allowed us a deeper understanding of Plutarch’s writing. Much of his writing would have been lost on us without that introduction! And Lesson 12: The Epilogue (provided by The Plenary) opened up an amazing discussion amongst myself and my children. Bravo, Rachel, for another job well done! We are anxiously awaiting the publication of another Plutarch life from The Plenary!

    A side note: the other Plutarch offerings on The Plenary’s website (such as the links referenced in the text and the Plutarch Picture Study) truly enrich our studies. There is a greater layer of depth with those offerings that our Plutarch studies were missing before we discovered The Plenary Guides.

  2. RaeAnna Goss

    In preparing a class for a Charlotte Mason tutorial, I searched several different resources. CM Plenary is the best choice for Plutarch in my opinion! The text and lessons are easy to follow and the annotations within the lessons are engaging and interesting for students. Thank you!

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