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Plutarch just got a whole lot EASIER! And fun!

The Resources on this page are free to use with the Study Guide for Plutarch’s Life of Julius Caesar.


Any artwork on this page that has a red border and title is available in the accompanying Julius Caesar Picture Study as an 8.5″ x 11″ high-resolution print or as a PDF Download.

Each print comes with detailed information about the painting as well as study questions to connect it to Plutarch’s text.

For more information about the Picture Study for Julius Caesar, see this page.

Lesson #1: The Civil War of Caesar's Youth

Detail of Print #1: Caesar by Peter Paul Rubens

We meet Julius Caesar when he is still a teenager in Lesson #1. We also learn about his childhood and the civil war happening as he’s growing up.

Detail of Print #2: Marble Bust of Julius Caesar
Statue of Julius Caesar in Rome

Lesson #2: Early Politics

Julius Caesar Kidnapped by Pirates!
A Pirate Flag

Did you know that Julius Caesar was kidnapped by PIRATES?! Yep! Plutarch tells us all about it!  

Watch a video about Caesar and the Pirates! 

Detail of Print #3: Hail Caesar!

Learn more about gladiators at Kids Encyclopedia Facts.

Cicero - Plutarch's Life of Julius Caesar
Bust of Cicero
Pompey the Great - Plutarch's Life of Julius Caesar
Pompey the Great
A Section of the Appian Way

Lesson #3: Leader of the Roman Army

Re-enactment of a Roman Legion Attacking the Enemy

Learn more about the military tactics of the Roman Army in this video by Naked Science (note: archeological human remains are shown @ 8:16 – 8:31).

Lesson #4: Triumphs

Detail of Print #4:
Caesar's Triumph by Peter Paul Rubens
From Rome to the Rhone River

Watch the above video about Caesar’s secret code on the Khan Academy website. 

Lesson #5: The Gallic Wars

Detail of Print #5: Vercingetorix

The Battle of Alesia in the Gallic Wars

The Gallic leader and his warriors took refuge in the city of Alesia, which sat on a hill. Caesar built a seige wall to enclose the city and starve all its inhabitants.

When more Gallic warriors arrived, the Roman army built a second wall to keep the Gallic forces out.

Caesar fought two armies simultaneously – one inside the city and one outside. 

And then he wrote a book about it! See The Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar below. 

Caesar's Gallic Wars
The Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar

Lesson #6: Crossing the Rubicon

Caesar Crossing the Rubicon by Ben Pook - Plutarch's Life of Julius Caesar
Caesar Crossing the Rubicon by Ben Pook

Many thanks to Ben Pook @bpookart for permission to post his beautiful artwork.

Why was it such a big deal when Caesar crossed the Rubicon River?

Caesar Crossing the Rubicon - Plutarch's Life of Julius Caesar
Caesar Crossing the Rubicon

Lesson #7: Chasing Pompey

Pompey the Great - Plutarch's Life of Julius Caesar

Lesson #8: Caesar in Egypt

Cleopatra on the Terrace
Cleopatra on the terraces of an Egyptian Palace
Julius Caesar in Egypt - Cleopatra and son Cesarion
Reliefs of Cleopatra and her son, Caesarion,
at the Dendera Temple, Egypt
Marble Bust of Cleopatra
The Pharos Lighthouse in Alexandria was one of the Seven Wonders of the World
Detail of Print #7:
Caesar Before Alexandria by Pellegrini

Watch a video of what ancient Egypt might have looked like during Caesar’s visit to Alexandria.

Lesson #9: Dictator for Life

Michelangelo Erythrean Sibyl
Erythrean Sibyl by Michelangelo
Marble Bust of Brutus

Lesson #10: The Ides of March

The Ides of March - Plutarch's Life of Julius Caesar - Charlotte Mason Plutarch
Detail of Print #9:
The Murder of Caesar
Detail of Print #10:
The Death of Caesar

Lesson #11: The Ghost of Caesar

Detail of Print #11: Marc Antony’s Oration

Lesson #12: A Place Among Men

Plutarch's Life of Julius Caesar

I hope you enjoyed Plutarch’s Life of Julius Caesar! 

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