A Charlotte Mason Homeschool Calendar

Be inspired all year long with quotes from Charlotte Mason in “Charlotte’s Wise Words: A Charlotte Mason Homeschool Calendar.”

You get 12 beautiful images along with a different Charlotte Mason inspirational quote for each of the 12 months in this 2022 calendar.


  • U.S. Holidays
  • Major Canadian Holidays
  • Religious Holidays: Christian
  • Religious Holidays: Jewish
  • Important dates for The Charlotte Mason Co-op
  • Fun notations from the “There’s a Day for That!” calendar such as
    • Talk Like a Pirate Day
    • Winnie the Pooh Day
    • Go Fly a Kite Day
    • Shakespeare Day
    • Paper Airplane Day
    • Random Acts of Kindness Day
    • and more!

Discounted price available for current Members of The Charlotte Mason Co-op! To join the co-op, click here. We’d love to have you!

See a few of the calendar layouts pictured below and in the free sample pages PDF here or watch the video:


Charlotte's Wise Words Calendar March 2022Charlotte's Wise Words Calendar Aug 2022Charlotte's Wise Words Calendar Sept 2022 Charlotte's Wise Words Calendar Nov 2022


















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3 reviews for Charlotte’s Wise Words: A Charlotte Mason Homeschool Calendar

  1. Amy

    Imagine having this beautiful conversation starter in your home! I don’t know about you, but I love looking at the calendars people choose to hang in their homes. And I have already had someone comment on this calendar in my home. It opens a door to being able to talk about Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy and just how important it is to see children as born persons worth of the respect due to person!!

  2. Annie Bell

    This calendar is so gorgeous. I love having a daily reminder of all charlotte’s wisdom!

  3. Stacie Satery

    Oh so beautiful and full of inspiring quotes from Charlotte Mason herself…just the reminder I need at the start of each day!

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