Plutarch’s Lives made easy!

Plutarch’s life of Romulus takes us back to the founding of Rome.

The story of Rome has captured our imaginations for more than a millennia. What is it about the narrative of ancient Rome that fascinates us so?

In Plutarch’s Life of Romulus, we return to the scene of Rome’s beginning with the story of Romulus and his twin brother Remus.

Then Annotated Plutarch Series Includes:

  • The original text of Plutarch’s Life, edited for length and content
  • Annotations, definitions, and pronunciations in the margins
  • An introduction with biographical information about Plutarch himself
  • A “Who’s Who” to help you understand the key players
  • A prologue with essential background information about Romulus and the times in which he lived
  • An epilogue that connects the text to modern events and gives the student some important ideas to think about
  • A free Resources Page to bring your Plutarch study to life

Don’t forget the Picture Study! A Plutarch Picture Study: The Life of Romulus

Just as Charlotte used specially edited school editions that removed unsuitable content for students, Plutarch’s text for the Life of Romulus has been edited for length and content. You can feel comfortable handing it over to your student for independent use. 

All books in The Annotated Plutarch Series use the translation by George Long and Aubrey Stewart. We feel that the translation by Long and Stewart is not only more accurate, it is also easier and more accessible for today’s students. 

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