5 Reasons to Join A Charlotte Mason Plenary Session


Charlotte Mason Volume Home EducationHave you ever wished you could read through one of Charlotte Mason’s Volumes with an inclusive community? Now you can! Here at The Plenary, we offer Plenary Sessions so you can learn in a supportive environment. But what exactly is a Plenary Session?

A Plenary Session is an opportunity to dive into Charlotte’s words and learn the method in an inclusive group setting. We offer support, annotation, explanation, resources, and discussion in a community where everyone is welcome to the table.


We offer support. Real support. It’s the we-will-answer-your-questions-in-real-time kind of support. Plenary owners guide you through each chapter. We answer your questions to help you understand the text. Here are some things that previous Members have said about our Sessions: 

“I learned more over the course of the Plenary Session than I have from years of reading and re-reading Volume 1 on my own. The women who put this together are extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and responsive.” ~ E.H.

“I loved the hand holding – it was so helpful to have experienced homeschoolers explain the CM method.” ~ A.K.

“I liked having the ability to ask specific questions along the way and know they would be answered quickly.”


Charlotte Mason Volume Home EducationHave you ever tried to read one of her Volumes but kept getting stuck because of all the references she makes to the people and writings of her time? Well, you’re not alone! These references were common knowledge during Charlotte’s lifetime, but so many of them are no longer readily understood. We wanted to make reading her Volumes easier for us and for you! Basically, we always wanted her Volumes to be annotated, so we decided to do it ourselves!

The Plenary Annotated Editions not only make reading the Volumes easier, they give you a deeper understanding of her words. Each edition comes with the full unabridged text with Plenary annotations. We define obscure words and we explain the many varied sources that Charlotte mentions.

“I’ve just finished the first part of the Volume 1 study. It’s been brilliant. I love the easy way in which The Plenary has laid out the text; the way they’ve included definitions / explanations in the margin so that I don’t have to stop reading. I’ve had the free e-book of the Volume 1 and I’ve tried and failed to start it several times, so I have The Plenary to thank for getting me to start and to keep going so, so easily! I really feel like I’m starting to understand the philosophy.” A.K.

“The added definitions and introductions to the people she refers to made all the difference. It kept me from feeling lost.” ~ M.C.

“Annotations were the key for me. It’s nice to have it in perspective.” ~ A.C.

“The included annotations saved me time from researching passages and terminology myself.”

“I enjoy the annotated version. It made reading and understanding Ms. Mason’s work a bit easier.” ~ C.D.


Session Members get access to a Members Only Page on our website. You’ll have access to many of the poems and lectures that Charlotte references. Have you ever wondered what she meant when she quotes a poem like this in Volume 1:

The breathing balm,
The silence and the calm
Of mute, insensate things.

It is from a poem by William Wordsworth.

Or when she quotes “power will pass more and more into the hands of scientific men. They will rule, and they will act.” This is a quote by Charles Kingsley from a lecture he gave called “The Aristocracy of the Future.” He gave the lecture while speaking to the working men of the Railway Works in Crewe, England, in 1871. It’s a fascinating prediction of what Kingsley thinks about the future of science and it is still so relevant today.

You can read Kingsley’s “Aristocracy of the Future” on our Members Only Page, along with the many other poems, lectures, and stories that Charlotte alludes to in her Volumes. You’ll also get links to the many books that she mentions in the Volumes as well.

All of this is in one easy place for you to explore and dive deeper.


You get to discuss Charlotte’s ideas in a group that is welcoming to everyone, regardless of religious background. Plenary Sessions are inclusive. Our goal is to help you understand Charlotte’s own words in a way that is personally meaningful for you and your family, whether secular or religious. We want to help you apply Charlotte Mason‘s principles in a way that is consistent with your values.

“I love that everyone here is of a different faith and yet we find a common group and in our own way are able to apply CM.”

Reading and discussing Charlotte’s ideas with a community of like-minded people is so valuable. Our purpose is to ensure that everyone who is interested in a Charlotte Mason Education feels comfortable to express their own views and ask questions. We ask that Session members be respectful of other members at all times. This creates a safe environment to learn. We can learn from each other.

“Hearing from others in the discussion forum about what they took away from each reading was very helpful. I look forward to learning more in future Sessions.” ~ E.H.

“I enjoyed having a place designated to discussing Vol 1. I loved the excitement shared by leaders. The organization was great.”

“I am really grateful for the group discussions that take place. It seems to answer almost all of my questions. Thank you. Such an easy to follow discussion group as well as reading materials.” ~ F.O.  


We’d love to have you join us! Find current Plenary Sessions here. Come learn with us here at The Plenary!


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