What is a Plenary?

What is a Plenary?

Have you ever heard the word Plenary before? Most people haven’t!

You may have heard the word used in reference to a “Plenary Session of Congress” or an assembly such as the “United Nations Plenary Session,” but what does it mean?

If you’ve attended any sort of a conference before, you might have seen the word plenary on the conference schedule. It’s used to describe a meeting, or session, where everyone attends. Most conferences have break-out sessions where attendees meet in smaller groups or committees to discuss different topics. 

But a Plenary Session is one where everyone comes together to discuss a central topic; an all-important topic that applies to everyone in the organization. It is a time when everyone is invited, or sometimes required, to attend. It is the meeting that no one should miss. And it is all-inclusive.

No one is left out. 

According to the dictionary, the word plenary is defined like this:

It’s an obscure word that isn’t often used outside of conference settings. So if most people haven’t heard it before, why would we choose it for the name of our business? 

We chose it because it defines the mission of The Plenary – that everyone who is interested in a Charlotte Mason Education is invited to the table to learn. 

The word plenary conveys a special meaning for us. It’s very definition is to unite, to yoke, to join together.


Plenary definition

Charlotte believed that her method is applicable to

all persons

She taught children from all walks of life, regardless of the child’s educational, economic, or religious background. And, what’s more, it worked for all those children because it is a method, not a system.


And we believe it will work for you and your family, regardless of your past schooling experience, regardless of your family’s religious beliefs. Regardless of your skin color or your economic status. Regardless of learning disabilities or challenges. 

Because we are all born persons.’

We believe that the Charlotte Mason method should adapt to you and your family. It should be done your way.

Charlotte said:

Charlotte Mason liberal education

Indeed, it is the birthright of every person. 

Come learn with us at The Plenary. We will help you find your way.

P.S. Be sure to join us in The Plenary Facebook Community! I hope to see you there! 

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