Special Needs Homeschooling: You Can Do It!

Special Needs Homeschooling?

You Can Do It!

Special Needs Homeschooling Consultant Amy Bodkin, Ed.S.

Do you need help homeschooling a child with special needs?

Our Special Needs Consultant, Amy Bodkin, Ed.S., has been with The Plenary for one year now! In that time, she’s helped 100 children from 53 families.

To celebrate this, I asked some of those families to submit videos to tell Amy just how much she means to them and how much she has helped them! 

See what other homeschooling families have said about their consultations with Amy: 

"I feel very lucky to have found you. I now feel a sense of confidence. I feel empowered."
Mandy Brown
Homeschool Mom
"Thank you Amy for caring about me."
"You’re truly our angel."
Gianna & Danielle Cisneros
Homeschool Mom & Daughter
"You have changed Sophia’s life. You really made us see Sophia for the person that she is.
She is so happy! Just the last few weeks have been amazing. We’re now meeting her where she’s at. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Leslie Bodden
Homeschool Mom
"You helped me get out of panic mode. You were able to help me identify the learning needs of my 12-year old in a way that another psychologist and even a neurologist hadn’t been able to figure out."
Toni Guthrie
Homeschool Mom


Find out how Amy can help you and your child.

For more info about scheduling a Special Needs Consultation with Amy, CLICK HERE.

Or for more info about Amy’s Special Needs Developmental Guide, CLICK HERE

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