Special Needs Homeschooling: Building a Solid Foundation

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VIDEO #2: Building a Solid Foundation

by Amy Bodkin, Ed.S.
Special Needs Consultant

Today we are going to talk about ways to build a solid foundation for communication. It’s a simple technique called D.R.I.P. and you can use it to fill your child’s “love bank.” We all need positive interactions in our relationships – and a child is no different.


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You can also download a free PDF with examples that will help you use the D.R.I.P. technique.

I look forward to hearing from you over in The Plenary Facebook Group about the kinds of behavioral communication challenges you are experiencing in your home and ways you have used D.R.I.P. to fill your child’s love bank!

P.S. Here’s a link if you’d like more info about scheduling a Special Needs Consultation.

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