Q&A: How do I do ALL. THE. THINGS. in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool?!!!

"Help! How do I do ALL. THE. THINGS.
in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool?!"

This is the first in a new Q&A series where I’ll be answering questions that I get from YOU!

Lots of Q’s and lots of A’s about homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method! It’s going to be fun and informative! 

Today’s question comes from Charlotte L. who just joined our awesome Facebook group! She asks this:


“How do I fit in ALL THE CM SUBJECTS in ONE SCHEDULE? I wonder how people do it all. 
I have all the materials, but putting it in a coherent flow is a challenge. I get overwhelmed!”
– Charlotte L.

GREAT QUESTION Charlotte! This might be the MOST ASKED QUESTION ever! So many moms are drowning under all the pressure to do ALL. THE. THINGS. – right?

I hear ya! Here’s my A to your Q:


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