A Philosophy of Education: Annotated Edition


The Annotated Edition includes the full, unabridged text of Charlotte Mason’s original Volume. All her words and wisdom have been retained while, at the same time, certain updates have been made for you, the modern reader.


  • The text has been updated with a modern font that is easier to read.
  • American spellings, not British, are used throughout.
  • The original page numbers, as published in earlier editions of Charlotte’s volumes, are in the margins so you can easily cross-reference other editions or study guides.
  • Annotations have been added.

The annotations provide context to help you better understand Charlotte’s frequent references to the people, events, and culture of her time. The annotations also define obscure vocabulary and phrases.

For ease of reading, Charlotte’s text is in the inner column and The Plenary annotations are in the outer column.

Charlotte wrote her six volumes of the Home Education Series from 1885-1921. Her frequent references can leave today’s reader a bit frustrated, as she assumed that her readers would understand the context for each person, event, or book that she mentions. Without that context, the wisdom of her words can seem veiled and inaccessible for many readers.

My goal in adding annotations is to highlight Charlotte’s text and make it easier to read so that you gain a deeper understanding of her words and meaning. Once you understand the references and the context, it is like the “a-ha” moment or the key to unlocking the gate. You are no longer bogged down with unfamiliar terminology and references. The words soar.

However, in keeping with Charlotte’s principles, I did not think it correct to interpret her words, so you will not find any opinions or speculations as to her meanings. I want you to make your own connections with her writing; to make the connections that are personal and meaningful to you. As with living books and narration, what you connect with may be different than what I might connect with, and that is the beauty of Charlotte’s method. It is personal to you.

Here’s what other moms have said about the annotated edition of Volume 1 –
Home Education: Annotated Edition

“Despite the fact that I already own two copies of Home Education, as soon as this became available in print, I HAD to order a copy…those annotations make it possible for me to sit down with this book in hand and not have to have an electronic device nearby to look up all the references CM makes (and she makes A LOT!). I can actually just sit and READ. It’s absolutely lovely!” ~ S.S.

“I love the easy way in which The Plenary has laid out the text; the way they’ve included definitions / explanations in the margin so that I don’t have to stop reading.” -A.K.

“I love this version of Home Education. Besides the annotations, there is ample space in the margins for note taking. I have had other versions, but this will be the one I use.” ~J.S.

“The added definitions and introductions to the people she refers to made all the difference. It kept me from feeling lost.” ~ M.C.

“This is my new favorite edition of Charlotte Mason’s Home Education volume! From the clear, easy to read font/text to the thorough Plenary notes and space for making my own—I love it! I am so excited to have this new resource to add to my learning about Charlotte Mason and her philosophy of education. I look forward to future volumes! Thank you CM Plenary for your hard (and helpful) work!” ~K.W.

Gain a deeper understanding of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy with the Annotated Edition.





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A Philosophy of Education: Annotated Edition
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