Summary We began by discussing metacognition – Metacognition is defined as awareness of one’s own thought processes.  It involves self-evaluation.  Some great questions to ask to influence metacognition are,  We discussed Brian’s metacognition in Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and Salva’s metacognition in A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. The second half of class viewed presentations of 2 classmates semester long projects. Both allowed for more discussion on metacognition and goal setting.   It has been a pleasure leading this practicum thisRead More →

Summary This week we began to use examples in A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park to continue to discuss executive functioning skills. We began with a basic narration of the book along with the two new characters.   Nya- Her story is in 2009Salva- His story is in the late 1980s and early 1990s We spoke about executive functioning- the essential skills required for every task. We reviewed that executive functioning skills are most effective when the rest ofRead More →

Summary This class is the last class examining the executive functioning skills of Brian in Hatchet.  It’s been encouraging to see the students realize how executive functioning skills relate.   We started by discussing the ending of Hatchet and problem solving.  Brian obviously encountered several problems throughout the book and was deliberate in thinking and processing.  We compared problem-solving in times of stress vs. problem-solving with time to think and deliberate.  We discussed organization in regards to Brian’s supplies.  We relatedRead More →

Summary This week we discussed two specific executive functioning skills- Time Management and Emotional Control. We began with Discussing Brian in Hatchet by Gary Paulsen – A few of the questions asked related to executive functioning are:Time management- Initially, how did Brian spend his days? What changed when he heard the plane?- p 118 “He threw down the limb and his spear and, holding the hatchet, he started to run for camp.  He had to get fire up on the bluff and signal them, getRead More →

Summary Welcome back! This week’s discussion on Hatchet by Gary Paulsen was highly engaging.  We started by discussing our “pictures”/ “movies in our heads” as we were reading. In the book, Hatchet , we see Brian prioritize his activities. P 55- Brian built his leantoP 62- Brian says, “Simple.  Keep it simple.  I am Brian Robeson.  I have been in a plane crash.  I am going to find some food.  I’m going to find some berries.”  Why do you think he needs so simple?PRead More →

Summary This class examined the executive functioning skills of Brian in Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. We specifically talked about emotional control in times of “panic” or emergency. The specific excerpts we read are from page 9 and 12 The YouTube video we watched greatly illustrates the brain and what happens during an emergency. We reviewed the ties of sensory processing and emotional control. We used the examples from pages 34-38, and 41 Each student presented their projects for the semester and talked aboutRead More →

Summary This class reviewed executive functioning skills definitions and development.  I was really impressed with your recall from last semester.   We spend a few minutes discussing how every task requires executive functioning skills with examples.  Think of the tasks you need to do during the day, and the tasks you want to do.  How do those require This self- evaluation is a great way to figure out your own strengths and weaknesses.   We spent some time evaluating the executive functioningRead More →