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Plutarch for Teens: Romulus

The Life of Romulus

with Rachel Lebowitz

Have you ever wished you could enroll your student in a Plutarch class taught by a Charlotte Mason Expert who is passionate about Plutarch – and believes that Plutarch can be fun and accessible? Well, now you can!


Plutarch is one of my all-time favorite subjects! I believe in making Plutarch accessible and fun while also making it relevant to modern-day life. But because I understand that Plutarch can be intimidating and hard to understand, I created The Annotated Plutarch Series of books to make Plutarch easier for both parents and students. I want everyone to love Plutarch! 
But why should you include Plutarch in your homeschool? Charlotte Mason used Plutarch as one of the foundations of her Citizenship and Character curriculum. The purpose of Plutarch is character discernment.
Charlotte understood that Plutarch, through the biographies he wrote, is asking us to consider a person’s character:
“By the study of their biographies, we receive each man as a guest into our minds, and we seem to understand their character as the result of personal acquaintance, because we have obtained from their acts the best and most important means of forming an opinion about them. What greater pleasure could’st thou gain than this? What more valuable for the elevation of our own character?”

Character – other people’s and our own. That is what Plutarch urges us to consider.
I would be honored to be your student’s guide to Plutarch.

– Rachel

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