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SEE IT & SAY IT WITH FLIP FLOP SPANISH with Suzanne Gose, Creator of Flip Flop Spanish Spanish for the whole family the Flip Flop Spanish way! Suzanne is not only the creator of the incredibly popular Spanish curriculum called Flip Flop Spanish, she’s also an expert on the Charlotte Mason method of teaching a foreign language. CLASS DETAILS: Rojo Set Learn to THINK in Spanish! With just ONE set of flashcards, students can begin anew, or continue on with theRead More →

Jewish Cultural History

JEWISH CULTURAL HISTORY with Amy Bodkin, EdS What if we had the opportunity to explore the beauty and rich history of minority cultures? And what if we had the opportunity to learn from someone who is part of that minority group but is also fluent in the majority culture? That is exactly what this class will offer! Whether you are a non-Jewish family looking to expand your knowledge of the beauty to be found in Jewish history or a Jewish familyRead More →

Building Narration Skills One Picture at a Time

Building Narration SkillsOne Picture at a TimeOnline Class with Lynne Moore Does your student struggle with narration?Does he have trouble “making movies in his head” when he reads? Join Lynne Moore, a specialist in Dyslexia and reading comprehension, as she teaches YOU how to help your child “see” what they are reading, which will improve both their comprehension and narration skills.  Read More →