Charlotte Mason’s Principle #3

The Principles of Authority on the one hand
and Obedience on the other
are Natural, Necessary, and Fundamental

AUTHORITY and OBEDIENCE – Two words that seem to get a bad rap these days. But I think it really depends on how you approach both of those words.

Charlotte makes it clear that she is NOT talking about the tyrannical kind of authority. On the contrary, she says that authority is the condition that makes liberty possible.

Parents, you MUST have authority in your home. It is NATURAL, NECESSARY, and FUNDAMENTAL, as is obedience. 

For example, if you tell your child to come sit down for his math lesson, and he doesn’t, you’ve got an authority problem AND an obedience problem.

Both of these things need to be addressed and in balance for our homeschools to work. I’ve seen too many moms who do not exercise their natural authority with their children which results in so much tension in the home.

If you have trouble with the ideas of AUTHORITY and OBEDIENCE, I want to encourage you to embrace them!

Trust me (and Charlotte!), just like habits, balanced authority and obedience make for a pleasant atmosphere as well as smooth and easy days. (I’ll explain more in the video below.)

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to Authority and Obedience?

Homework: Be sure to read Chapter 4 in Volume 6. The entire chapter, as well as some study questions, are included in the FREE PDF Download.

Video for Principle #3

Charlotte Mason Principle #3 - Authority and Docility
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Finding Your Way with Charlotte Mason's 20 Principles
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Think about how AUTHORITY and OBEDIENCE play such an important role in your homeschool.

Ask yourself if they are out of balance and what can you do (or not do) to bring them back into balance.

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