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Homeschooling Kindergarten:
What CHarlotte Mason Says

Charlotte Mason Says Kindergarten

Are you homeschooling Kindergarten or Preschool using the Charlotte Mason method? Or considering homeschooling? 

How do the Kindergarten and Preschool years differ from formal schooling in Form 1? 

What are the important things you need to know?

What Charlotte Mason Says About Kindergarten

Recently, I was a Guest Speaker on the subject of Charlotte Mason and what she had to say about Kindergarten on an episode of the “Charlotte Mason Says Podcast” by John & Crystal Schindele.

John & Crystal are two CM-homeschooling parents who are reading through and discussing Charlotte’s first Volume, Home Education, on their podcast. 

They are taking it chapter-by-chapter. And the discussions are oh-so-good!

Help for Homeschooling Kindergarten - CM Your Way

They asked me to talk to them about Kindergarten because of the information in the CM Your Way Form Guide for Preschool & Kindergarten.

The Form Guides walk you through everything you need to know for each Form, including the Preschool and Kindergarten years. 

John & Crystal asked me to discuss the two chapters in Home Education that deal with Kindergarten.

There’s lots of great stuff in those chapters! And, of course, Charlotte has a LOT to say about Kindergarten! 

That fun discussion airs on the podcast as Episodes 75 & 76

And to continue the conversation, I interviewed them about their podcast – and we talk about a few other things as well!

Meet John & Crystal Schindele from Charlotte Mason Says. 

Watch the video now!


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