Charlotte Mason's Principle 4: The Sacredness of Personality

CHARLOTTE MASON’S PRINCIPLE #4:The Sacredness of Personality These principles are limited by the respect due to the personality of children, which must not be encroached upon, whether by the direct use of fear or love, suggestion or influence, or by undue play upon any one natural desire. In this Principle, Charlotte discusses ways in which we tend to ENCROACH upon the personality of children.  Encroachment is defined as “to enter by gradual steps or by stealth into the possessions orRead More →

Charlotte Mason Principle 3 Authority and Obedience

CHARLOTTE MASON’S PRINCIPLE #3:The Principles of Authority on the one handand Obedience on the otherare Natural, Necessary, and Fundamental AUTHORITY and OBEDIENCE – Two words that seem to get a bad rap these days. But I think it really depends on how you approach both of those words. Charlotte makes it clear that she is NOT talking about the tyrannical kind of authority. On the contrary, she says that authority is the condition that makes liberty possible. Parents, you MUSTRead More →

Beginning Narration in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Beginning Narration in Your Charlotte Mason Homeschool Do you have a new narrator? Or a student who struggles with narration? Here’s a pointer that will help: Start Small When beginning narration, start small. Read the passage to your child and ask them to tell you JUST ONE THING that they remember from the story. JUST ONE THING! That’s all! And then PRAISE YOUR STUDENT for that ONE thing! This is all about positive reinforcement and gaining confidence. We want theRead More →

Charlotte Mason Principles - Finding Your Way

Let’s talk PRINCIPLES. Charlotte’s principles should matter a great deal to you if you intend to implement her method. It’s her principles that you need to know, not so much the subjects or how to do them. It’s the principles. Let me say that again:  THE PRINCIPLES ARE KEY Why would I tell you not to worry about the subjects? Or how to implement them? How could I suggest such a thing?! I’m sure that is the opposite of everything you’veRead More →

Volume 1 Home Education by Charlotte Mason PDF

January 1st is Charlotte Mason’s birthday! And we are throwing a party! But what’s a party without PRESENTS?  Here’s one for you! A FREE PDF download of Charlotte’s book, Home Education! FREE HOME EDUCATION BY CHARLOTTE MASON This is the ORIGINAL text that teaches the Charlotte Mason Method of Education. Completely UNABRIDGED and FREE for you!  I wanted you to be able to download this PDF and have it on your phone or tablet for easy reading. Or you can simplyRead More →

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Your Way logo

CHARLOTTE MASON HOMESCHOOLING YOUR WAY What does “Charlotte Mason Homeschooling” mean? To me, it means freedom. It means beauty. It means life-giving ideas. It means simplicity. It means nurturing all that is good in life. And most of all, it means flexibility. You see, at its core, the Charlotte Mason method is adaptable. You, like me, are drawn to this way of educating for some reason, some purpose. Charlotte speaks to you. But why are Charlotte’s ideas so stirring, soRead More →

Plenary Pointers Prepping the Lesson

Plenary Pointer:How to Prep a Lessonin a Charlotte Mason Homeschool Preparing a lesson can go a long way in helping your students narrate better.  STEP #1: REVIEW Review the previous reading. Ask your student “What do you remember from the last chapter?” and then discuss it a bit. Recall what happened to set the stage for the current reading. If your student doesn’t remember anything (and that’s ok for new narrators), then simply recap it for them. This step shouldRead More →

Charlotte Mason Picture Study Throughout the Forms

  Picture Study is one of the hallmarks of a Charlotte Mason education.  Sharing the beauty of art with children is something we feel strongly about at The Plenary. Giving students a love and appreciation of art is something that will stay with them throughout their lives. It can breathe life and joy into your homeschool by exposing students to pictures worthy of remembrance; to give them a “picture of beauty to carry away in their minds.” Charlotte says “whenRead More →