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  • I discovered the “Creative Minds Biographies” by accident when I was searching for something my daughter could read for fourth grade Pennsylvania history (a requirement for homeschooling in PA). There are dozens in the series including musicians, artists, writers, scientists, naturalists, activists, and more. I love them, they are a pleasure to read and narrate, bring up important ideas to discuss, and make connections between these books and their regular history spines. They are excellent for reading together for forms 1A upper, 2B, and 2A lower (grades 3-5). After that, I’d have a child read one alone in forms 2A upper and all of 3 (grades 6-8). If the form 3 student is ready to write narrations or even a short biography paper then the books in this series would make excellent choices for that type of work. I’ve also had my kids do map work if the biography was travel oriented, or do a timeline if the biography lent itself to that. One daughter read the Harriet Tubman bio in this series in 2A lower and correlated Tubman’s life with her larger 19th century timeline.

  • My understanding was that one should begin with ancient history and progress forward over American history? Are there resources for living books for more world history?

    • Hi Leanne! Charlotte always started with the history of the student’s own country, so for her, that was British; for us, it is United States history. Then, depending on which Form the student is in, she added different “streams” of history such as the history of an influential country, world history, and / or ancient history. So students studied multiple streams of history at once. It really is a brilliant way to do it!

      If you’d like the incredibly detailed breakdown of which history was studied in which Forms and which books Charlotte used, the CM Your Way Form Guides will give you all that info plus many more modern history book suggestions than are listed here.

      I hope that info helps! Let me know if you have any more questions! 😉

      You can get more info on the Form Guides here:

  • Hello! What History rotation do you utilize or recommend? I apologize if I’ve missed this tidbit within the curriculum from guide.

    • That’s the great thing about using the CM Your Way Form Guides! YOU get to choose your own history rotation! You can choose what works best for your family. Typically though, if you are utilizing the various history streams, you can get through U.S. history in about 4 years. Hope that helps! 😉

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