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The Plutarch Picture Study for Publicola takes this Resources Page one-step further with:

  • High-resolution images printed on 8.5″ x 11″ premium cardstock
  • Detailed background information about each painting
  • How the painting ties in with the Publicola text
  • Discussion questions for students
Lesson #1: Who was Publicola

The theme is revolt against tyranny. It is about liberty and self-governance. This is the underlying message throughout Plutarch’s Life of Publicola.

The Story of Lucretia by Sandro Botticelli
The Tragedy of Lucretia by Sandro Botticelli

This incident sparked the overthrow of a monarchy and ushered in a new government dedicated to liberty. No, it isn’t the American Revolution, it’s the ancient Roman Republic, founded in 509 B.C.E. But the two events have more in common than you might think!

Shakespeare’s poem: Rape of Lucrece

Lesson #2: The Republic

See two paintings about The Rape of the Sabine Women 

Read more about Tarquinius Superbus here

Lesson #3: A Plot Against the Republic

The Roman Forum at Khan Academy

Lesson #4: Treason

Jacques Louis David The Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons
Jacques-Louis David painting: The Lictors Returning to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons

Read more about Romulus and Remus here or here

Lesson #5: The Battle of Silva Arsia

Information about Lictors with Fasces

Roman Triumphs

Lesson #6: Publicola Enacts New Laws

Charon and Psyche by Stanhope
Charon and Psyche (detail) by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope (1883)

Read more about Charon, the Greek God of the Underworld, at Theoi

Read more about Charon’s Obol on Wikipedia

Temple of Saturn – picture of the ruins in Rome

Lesson #7: Dedicating the Temple

Temple of Jupiter Olympius at Wikipedia

Read more about Midas in Bulfinch’s Mythology or Wikipedia

Lesson #8: Horatius at the Bridge

Horatius Cocles Defending the Bridge by Charles Le Brun
Horatius Cocles Defending the Bridge by Charles Le Brun 

Poem Horatius at the Bridge by Thomas Babington Macauley

Read more about Vulcan in the Introduction of Bulfinch’s Mythology

Lesson #9: The Siege

Mucius Scaevola in the Presence of Lars Porsenna by Matthias Stom 1640

View several paintings about Mucius Scaevola

Cloelia Bonsone
 Cloelia Crossing the Tiber by Giulio Bonasone

Brave Cloelia
Picture Book: Brave Cloelia by Jane Curry

The Sacred Way Roman Road at Wikipedia

Lesson #10: The Sabines Invade

Erythraean Sibyl by Michelangelo in the Sistene Chapel-frame
Erythraean Sibyl by Michelangelo

The Sibylline Books at Ancient Pages

Lesson #11: Publicola Outsmarts the Enemy

Quadran coins 

Lesson #12: The Federalist Papers and Publicola

The Federalist PapersAlexander Hamilton by John Trumbull

The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton

Liberty’s Blueprint by Michael Meyerson

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