with Sara Collins, Occupational Therapist Course Details Does your teen need help with study skills, time management, organization, or any of the other “executive functioning skills” needed as they make the transition from teenager to adult? Executive Functioning Skills are defined as the “brain-based skills needed to effectively execute, or perform tasks and solve problems.” As with most skills, there is a range in development and expectations – not everyone needs to complete the same tasks on a daily basis. But, thereRead More →

Building Reading and Spelling Skills - Online Course at The Charlotte Mason Co-op

Building Reading & Spelling Skills with Lynne Moore CLASS DESCRIPTION FROM LYNNE This class will help students with dyslexia, as well as any student who is struggling with reading and spelling. I will show you how to use interactive gameplay as well as different methods to improve your student’s reading and spelling. These strategies are shown to increase success in both reading and spelling. We will also discuss how to engage the interest of students at multiple ages and levels.Read More →

Plutarch for Teens: Julius Caesar with Rachel Lebowitz Plutarch for Teens is taught by Rachel Lebowitz, owner of A Charlotte Mason Plenary and author of The Annotated Plutarch Series.  CLASS DESCRIPTION FROM RACHEL: Plutarch is one of my all-time favorite subjects! I believe in making Plutarch accessible and fun while also making it relevant to modern-day life. But because I understand that Plutarch can be intimidating and hard to understand, I created The Annotated Plutarch Series of books to make Plutarch easier for bothRead More →

MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE – Part 2 We’ve got you covered when it comes to Middle School Science! All of our Science classes are taught by Lari Jo Edwards, the Science Education Specialist here at A Charlotte Mason Plenary. CLASS DESCRIPTION FROM LARI JO: Middle School Science spirals throughout grades 6 to 8; this means that rather than attempting to master all of the learnings within a subject (i.e. Biology, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science) in one year, students will exploreRead More →

Jewish Cultural History

JEWISH CULTURAL HISTORY (Part II) with Amy Bodkin, EdS What if we had the opportunity to explore the beauty and rich history of minority cultures? And what if we had the opportunity to learn from someone who is part of that minority group but is also fluent in the majority culture? That is exactly what this class will offer! Whether you are a non-Jewish family looking to expand your knowledge of the beauty to be found in Jewish history or aRead More →

Leatherworking - Charlotte Mason Handicrafts

INTRODUCTION TO LEATHERWORKING with Amy Bodkin, EdS From Amy: My favorite part of teaching handicrafts is helping children develop a relationship with different kinds of materials and techniques so they can use their creativity to come up with their own unique projects! Children are ready for different skills at different times. Therefore, I will provide a wide range of options so that the entire family can participate in developing a relationship with leather and how we can work with it usingRead More →