Building Reading and Spelling Skills - Online Course at The Charlotte Mason Co-op

Building Reading & Spelling Skills with Lynne Moore CLASS DESCRIPTION FROM LYNNE This class will help students with dyslexia, as well as any student who is struggling with reading and spelling. I will show you how to use interactive gameplay as well as different methods to improve your student’s reading and spelling. These strategies are shown to increase success in both reading and spelling. We will also discuss how to engage the interest of students at multiple ages and levels.Read More →

Building Narration Skills One Picture at a Time

Building Narration SkillsOne Picture at a TimeOnline Class with Lynne Moore Does your student struggle with narration?Does he have trouble “making movies in his head” when he reads? Join Lynne Moore, a specialist in Dyslexia and reading comprehension, as she teaches YOU how to help your child “see” what they are reading, which will improve both their comprehension and narration skills.  Read More →