Solfa/Composer Study Class #3 – Giuseppe Verdi

Solfa / Composer Study – Class #3 video (Recorded 10/14/21)


In our class today we reviewed the solfa scale, sang back some solfa patterns, and played a game where we identified the solfa pattern I sang to the visual on the screen. These are great ways to train the ear and I would also like students to practice singing the patterns on their own as well! If they are beginners, print out the Unit 1 flashcards on Solfa Sofa. It’s important to progress sequentially in the skill of sight singing! In class we will do exercises that all levels can do but I hope that you will go through all the units of Solfa Sofa on your own time!

Our rhythm activity was creating a chart that shows how quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes fit into a beat. We also have a “food rhythm” chart that students can copy or create their own patterns! Set a steady beat and try clapping your own combination of foods!

Food Rhythm PDF (same as PDF below)

Composer Study

Composer study continues with listening to music by Verdi! We focused on the composition “Anvil Chorus” from the opera Il Travatore. This piece is fun for children because you can watch and hear the hammers beating the steady beat during the chorus! I suggested to students that they can get some spoons and hit the table during the chorus and match the rhythm with the percussion section using the hammers! 🙂

Three versions to listen to…

Original Version:

Jazz Version:

Organ Version: 

The jazz and organ versions do not have the anvil or hammers, but here are a few other recordings that do!

US Navy Band Version: 

Bob Jones Opera Version: 

I hope you enjoyed class today and I look forward to class 4 next week!