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Leah Martin

Hi I’m Leah! I’m a Colorado mom of 3 who believes that teaching Charlotte Mason’s way produces healthy, whole people.

I have a Master’s degree in Reading Curriculum and Instruction, and taught in public schools for 7 years before moving to an Ambleside School, where I learned Charlotte Mason’s philosophy.

This experience changed my life because it introduced me to Charlotte’s philosophy when my daughter was just an infant.

Now, I continue to teach people through My Little Robins. I create materials that are simple to use and include multiple ages.  

I hope you will join me!


  • Founder of My Little Robins
  • Author of the Idea Nest series
  • Charlotte Mason Expert in the Early Years (Preschool Years)
  • CM Homeschooling Mom
Leah Martin - My Little Robins - Charlotte Mason Early Years Expert

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