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Annie Bell

Hello, I’m Annie Bell!

As a Charlotte Mason homeschool graduate, I’ve always had a love for learning as much as I can about the things I’m passionate about!

I love to share what I know with others and have taught classes on everything from plankton to pollinators! 

I created my own nature study curriculum and have taught it to homeschool students of all ages. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and have attended marine science classes at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, as well as volunteered at the Texas State Aquarium to learn as much as I can about marine conservation and education. 

Aside from my love for the natural world around me, I’ve also always had a strong passion for art. I’ve been a creator for as long as I can remember. I own my own art business and am traveling Texas to sell my art.

I’ve taken many courses over many years to learn everything I can about a plethora of mediums! I look forward to meeting my students and sharing my passion for art and science with you all! 


  • CM Homeschool Graduate
  • Artist & Illustrator
  • Nature Study Teacher
Annie Bell - Artist and Charlotte Mason Homeschool Graduate

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