Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason Biography

Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) was a British educator who ushered in revolutionary ideas about education.

She believed that ALL children deserved an equal education and she built an educational philosophy that values each child as an individual person. She established an educational method that spread throughout England and the far corners of the globe.

She shared her ideas in a set of six books known as the Home Education Series. This series has been the basis of a homeschooling movement here in the United States as well as globally. Her ideas speak to parents who are searching for an educational style that values a child’s individual needs above a mere system of education.

She set down a list of 20 Principles which form the basis of the Charlotte Mason philosophy. You can find a FREE 20 Principles Study here: Finding Your Way with Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles.

I value her ideas so much that in order to make her books more accessible to the modern-day parent, I am currently annotating each of her six volumes of the Home Education Series. You can find The Annotated Charlotte Mason Series here.

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CM Your Way

What does “Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Your Way” mean?

To me, it means freedom. It means beauty. It means life-giving ideas. It means simplicity. It means nurturing all that is good in life. And most of all, it means flexibility.

You see, at it’s core, the Charlotte Mason method is adaptable.

You (like me) are drawn to this way of educating for some reason, some purpose. Charlotte speaks to you. But why are Charlotte’s ideas so stirring, so validating? Why do they speak to you at your core? I believe it’s because… READ MORE >>>

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