Resources for Parents

Asimov’s Guide to Shakespeare is a wealth of knowledge! 

This book shows you how to help students learn to recite Shakespeare passages

Quick guide to plots, characters, and more

Audio of every Shakespeare play by Arkangel Shakespeare and the Royal Shakespeare Company. These recordings are very well done!

This series gives you a behind-the-scenes look at many plays… and is good for older students as well

The Animated Shakespeare Tales – a great way to watch age-appropriate retellings for younger students (FYI – one scene in Romeo & Juliet is questionable – please preview)

Shakespeare Retellings

The books by Leon Garfield are my favorite retellings.

Pictue book retellings by the Globe Theater.

Pictue book retellings by Bruce Colville.

Retellings by other authors such as Edith Nesbit and Charles Lamb.

Making Shakespeare Fun!

Star Wars Shakespeare Series by Ian Doescher:
Every Star Wars movie translated into Shakespearean-ese! (my son LOVED these books!)

Brick Shakespeare Series for Lego fans

Books about Shakespeare

Fun toys and games for Shakespeare