Co-op Gathering – Recorded Zoom Meeting for Principles 5 & 6

See the recording from our live Zoom meeting for Principles #5 and #6 above (recorded on 3/21/22).

Steps to Study this Principle

Note: All the study steps are available below.. just scroll down! 

  1. Watch Rachel’s “Principle Overview” video
  2. Watch Amy’s “Special Needs Considerations” video
  3. Read or listen to Chapter 6 “Three Instruments of Education” (Part 1) in Volume 6, A Philosophy of Education (if you have time.. we know you are busy!)
  4. Answer the study questions below
Step 1: Principle Overview by Rachel Lebowitz

Note: This is an older version of the video for Principles 5 & 6. It has the same content as the updated version, however, we have not finished editing the updated video yet, as my video editor (my son) has been very busy lately! But the older video will be fine for now. 😉

Step 2: Special Needs Considerations for this Principle by Amy Bodkin, EdS
Step 3: Read or listen to Volume 6, Chapter 6: Three Instruments of Education (Part 1: Atmosphere)

If you don’t own Volume 6, you can download the FREE PDF Study Guide here which includes the chapter reading for this Principle.. or simply listen to audio of this chapter.

If you’d like to have the whole Volume 6 book, you can purchase The Annotated Edition of Volume 6 here (published by A Charlotte Mason Plenary).

Step 5: Study Questions

The following study questions are also listed in the Finding Your Way with Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles Study Guide.

  1. If you had previously heard of the quote “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life,” did you have any preconceived ideas about what it meant?
  2. What does it mean to you now that you have read more about it?
  3. Did any quotes really resonate with you?
  4. Have you been guilty of “sprinkling with rose-water” or “softening with cushions?” ( I know I have!)
  5. How might you allow your children more opportunities to overcome adversities?
  6. What are the IDEAS that you would like to promote in the thought-environment of your home?
  7. How do you plan to promote those ideas?
Resources Mentioned

We’ll see you at our next Zoom meeting! Here’s the full schedule (also available on our Google Calendar here):

20 Principles Meeting Schedule
All zoom meetings are on Monday night at 9pm CST

  • Jan. 24th – Principle #1
  • Feb. 7th – Principle #2
  • Feb. 21st – Principle #3
  • March 7th – Principle #4
  • March 21st – Principles #5-6
  • April 4th – Principle #7
  • April 18th – Principle #8
  • May 2nd – Principles #9-10
  • May 16th – Principles #11-13
  • May 30th – Principles #14-15
  • June 13th – Principles #16-19
  • June 27th – Principle #20