You really don’t need much for this category if you have access to a nature area and a playground, but here are some ideas that might help get you started. The goal of “adventure play” is to build gross motor skills.

We used most of these toys at some point in my children’s younger years (and are still using some of them!) And we enjoyed having a few of the inside items for when the weather wasn’t ideal for being out-of-doors. 


The Learning Tower was used constantly in our home. It not only helped in the kitchen, but it also served as an indoor climbing structure.

It lasted through 8 years of constant use and we passed it on to another family after that! Plus they now have lots of fun accessories to go with it!

We love our mini-trampoline! Look for an adult rebounder if you want to use it for yourself!


My 12 year old STILL uses this balance toy! 

Both my kids had a balance bike

Light-weight balance bike

Balance board

Wooden Balance board

Balance and twist board

We loved this balance beam because it’s natural wood and it’s adjustable


Hugglepod swinging tent