Literature for Form 4 Students (Grade 9)

I have categorized the Literature selections based on time period.
Books are sorted by when the book was written or the era in which it is set. 

Up to 17th c.

Utopia: be sure to use the translation by Gilbert Burnet

17th - 18th c.

19th c.

19th c.

20th Century Literature for Form 4 Students

Essays for Form 4 Students (Grade 9)

Charlotte’s students also read essays in Forms 4-6.

Mythology for Form 4 Students (Grade 9)

If you are starting the CM method with an older student, please look at the Greek Mythology choices in Form 2 or 3. Bulfinch’s Mythology was essential reading in CM’s schools. If your student hasn’t read it yet, now is the time!

Poetry for Form 4 Students

Poetry Anthologies


TIP: Audiobooks are a great way to listen to poetry


Includes Poe’s epic poem, Tamerlane

Includes Whitman’s epic poem, Song of Myself



Includes Pope’s epic poem, The Rape of the Lock

Additional Living Books for Free Reading for Form 4 Students