Living History Books for Your Form 2 Student (Grades 4-6)

Form 2 History includes American History, British History, and Ancient History.
See the Form 2 Guide for more detailed info

I am providing several options for American History:

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American History Option #1

Use one of the 4 books listed below as your main History Spine:

Spine Option #1: America First by Lawton Evans. 

This is a wonderfully narrative book and does not require any previous knowledge. 

Be sure to purchase the AMERICA FIRST UPDATED EDITION.

Spine Option #2: A First Book in American History by Edward Eggleston 

This book gets the job done but is not as narrative as America First. 

Spine Option #3: The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and The Great Republic by H.A. Guerber 

This book is a bit harder than either of the previous books and is also an option for Form 3.

Spine Option #4: If you’d rather start with Native American history, I recommend The Book of Indians by Holling C. Holling. 

American History Option #2

The Steve Sheinkin American History Series
This option includes easier, but more modern books.

Don’t be put off with the style look of these books by Steve Sheinkin – they pack a good deal of information in a very engaging style!

Unfortunately, this series leaves out certain periods in American history (most notably early American history), so you will need to supplement with other books if you wish to cover those time periods. You can fill in the gaps with biographies.

Note: The Notorious Benedict Arnold and Bomb are best suited for older students in Form 2A Upper (Year 6). 

These books are also recommended for Form 3 students.

History Option #3:
The Betsy Maestro American History series

The Betsy Maestro American History series are picture books with simple historical info told in a fairly straight-forward way. Some books are out-of-print, but most can be found at your local library.

History Option #4:
American History through Biographies & Events

These books are good examples of books you could use instead of or in addition to the spines listed above.

Books for Early American History

Books for the American Revolution

Books for American History 1790 – 1850

Books for the American Civil War Era

Options for British History

Any of the books listed here can be used as a History Spine for a second history stream focused on British History.

Charlotte used Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall for her Form 1 students, but I think it works wonderfully for Form 2 as well, especially since it is used as a second history stream. 

It is beautifully narrative and a wonderful way to learn British history.

Charlotte used A History of England by H.O. Arnold-Forster for Form 2 students.

It is much harder and assumes that the student has some prior knowledge of British history. 

I think this book works better for a Form 3 student.

The British Empire by Gerald Johnson is a much more brief look at British history. 

It is not as narrative as An Island Story, but it is much easier than the Arnold-Forster book. 

Unfortunately, this book is also out-of-print and difficult to find.

Options for Ancient History

Any of the books listed here can be used as a History Spine for a third history stream focused on Ancient History.

Or you could use Story of the World (Volume 1) by Susan Wise Baur as an easier and more condensed option for ancient history.

Historical Fiction

These books are good examples of books you could use for History Tales / Historical Fiction.

Other Books & Things I Love for Form 2 Students

These are good examples of books you can use as reference books, supplements, or books just for fun!