Living Science Books for Your Form 1 Student (Grades 1-3)

Any of the books listed here can be used as a Science book or Nature Lore book for Form 1

“Among the People” series by Clara Dillingham Pierson

The Burgess Books for Children by Thornton Burgess

“Eyes and No Eyes” series by Arabella Buckley

Other Books I Love for Form 1 Students (Grades 1-3)

These books are good examples of books you can use for special studies or just for fun. 
I have also listed specific Field Guides for young children here.

The “Take Along Guides” series is excellent

The Usborne Pocket Books series are great for beginner Nature Study

Any book by Gail Gibbons!

“Field Guides for Young Naturalists” are great beginner field guides

Stokes Beginner’s Field Guides are also a good choice for children

Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding

Science Supplies for You and Your Form 1 Student (Grades 1-3)

Supplies and fun things for you and your student!