Know and Tell by Karen Glass - Charlotte Mason Book Discussion

Having trouble with narration? I understand – it can be especially frustrating if your child also has special needs. We’re addressing all those challenges in our next book discussion! Join us for our “Mom’s Night Out” Book Discussion all about Narration! We’ll be reading Know and Tell: The Art of Narration by Karen Glass – and we’ll be approaching narration from a Special Needs / Developmental viewpoint. We’re starting on Monday, Nov. 29th! It’s all part of my Special NeedsRead More →

Beginning Narration in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Beginning Narration in Your Charlotte Mason Homeschool Do you have a new narrator? Or a student who struggles with narration? Here’s a pointer that will help: Start Small When beginning narration, start small. Read the passage to your child and ask them to tell you JUST ONE THING that they remember from the story. JUST ONE THING! That’s all! And then PRAISE YOUR STUDENT for that ONE thing! This is all about positive reinforcement and gaining confidence. We want theRead More →