Organizing to Support Executive Functioning Skills for You and Your Child

ORGANIZING TO SUPPORT EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING SKILLS for You AND Your Children! Sometimes we can ALL use a little help with executive functioning skills!  “Executive functioning skills” includes day-to-day skills such as working memory, flexible thinking, and self-monitoring. These skills help us organize, plan, and prioritize tasks and help keep us focused on those tasks.  But if you or your children have trouble in this area, there are some things you can do to help! In this video, Amy shows youRead More →

Special Needs Homeschooling Developmental Approach to the Charlotte Mason Method

Taking a Developmental Approach to Special Needs Homeschooling Using the Charlotte Mason Method What Form or grade should your child be in? How do you know where to place your child within the Charlotte Mason method? What are the steps your child needs to take next? “Every child is a PERSON, not a diagnosis.” – Amy Bodkin, Ed.S. A Developmental Approach to the Charlotte Mason Method Amy Bodkin, Ed.S., Special Needs Consultant at CMP, takes a Developmental approach to specialRead More →

Wellness for Homeschool Moms An Interview with Lacey Grimfrom The Schoolhouse Life We’re talking homeschooling, homesteading, gardening, wellness, and even essential oils! Yep, education is “an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.” In fact, you could say that “Life as a Schoolhouse” is a great way to sum up a Charlotte Mason education. And today I’m chatting with Lacey Grim at The Schoolhouse Life.  “Education is a Life” Recently, I was a Guest Speaker on The Schoolhouse Life. Lacey andRead More →

Charlotte Mason Says Kindergarten

Homeschooling Kindergarten: What CHarlotte Mason Says Are you homeschooling Kindergarten or Preschool using the Charlotte Mason method? Or considering homeschooling?  How do the Kindergarten and Preschool years differ from formal schooling in Form 1?  What are the important things you need to know? What Charlotte Mason Says About Kindergarten Recently, I was a Guest Speaker on the subject of Charlotte Mason and what she had to say about Kindergarten on an episode of the “Charlotte Mason Says Podcast” by JohnRead More →