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Recorded Class with Lari Jo Edwards

If you need help with your nature journaling skills, this class is for you.

Intro to Field Sketching is an incredibly popular and thorough class taught by Lari Jo Edwards, Naturalist and Science Education Specialist.

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Recorded Class with Lari Jo Edwards

If you need help with your nature journaling skills, this class is for you. Intro to Field Sketching is an incredibly popular and thorough class taught by Lari Jo Edwards, the Science Education Specialist here at A Charlotte Mason Plenary.

Lari Jo has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University and a Master of Science degree in Ecological Teaching and Learning from Lesley University.

Lari Jo is also a Naturalist and founder of Your Inner Naturalist where she teaches nature journaling and nature study courses locally. She is an expert in the Charlotte Mason method of teaching Science and Nature Study and she is a Charlotte Mason educator! You can learn more about Lari Jo and her credentials here.

Lari Jo Edwards - Science Education Specialist at A Charlotte Mason Plenary


The Field Sketching Class will introduce the basic skills of sketching over the coures of seven in-depth lessons. Each lesson will include 4 homework assignments to be completed between sessions.


  • Access to Class Recordings: 2022 Spring Semester Jan. 17th – April 30th
  • Access to Class Forum: 2022 Spring Semester Jan. 17th – April 30th
  • Number of Recorded Lessons: 7 (see full Course here)
  • Go at your own pace in this pre-recorded class and still be able to intract with Lari Jo in the class forum if you have any questions! 
  • Co-op Member Price: $100 (Join The Charlotte Mason Co-op here)
  • Non-Member Price: $135

REQUIRED MATERIALS (not included):

  • 3-Ring Binder to keep Lessons in
  • Multi-Media Art Paper that fits in binder such as this set
  • Sketching Pencil Set
  • Pens
  • Non-Photo Blue Pencil such as this one

OPTIONAL MATERIALS (not included):


  • Class #1: Perspective
  • Class #2: Framing
  • Class #3: Tints, Tones, Shades & Hues (watercolors for this session help)
  • Class #4: Pencil Shading (a set of pencils with different hardnesses help)
  • Class #5: Negative Space
  • Class #6: Movements & Gestures
  • Class #7: Flowers at Different Angles


All online classes, whether Live or Recorded, offer access to the class forum where you can interact with the instructor. You will have access to the class and the instructor for the full semester. 

You may register for a class with or without joining The Charlotte Mason Co-op. However, please note that Co-op Members enjoy many benefits including:

  • Discounted prices on classes and CM merchandise
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  • Co-op “Gatherings” that include Mom’s Afternoon Tea, CM Study Sessions, Homeschool Planning Sessions, Book Clubs, etc.
  • See the full list of benefits here

When you register for a class and/or the co-op, you will be required to take the following steps:

  • Fill out a Registration Form – your account status will be pending until your Registration Form has been received and approved. Please note that, after checkout, you will receive an email from rachel @ with the link to fill out the Registration Form.
  • Read and agree to The Charlotte Mason Online Classes Handbook.

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