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with Lari Jo Edwards
CMP Science Education Specialist

One-hour guided Nature Study Classes for all ages and all experience levels.

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with Lari Jo Edwards, CMP Science Education Specialist

Field Notes Fridays: A one-hour guided nature inquiry class for all ages and experience levels!


  • Noticing and Wondering (available on June 7th)
  • Making Connections (available on June 28th)
  • What is Metadata? (available on July 5th)
  • Putting it All Together on a Page (available on July 26th)
  • Zoom In with a 100″ Hike (available on August 9th)
  • Zoom Out with Habitat Highrise (available on August 30th)

See below for class descriptions.

Field Notes Friday is a way to connect through nature observation. Nature Inquiry and keeping a nature journal is a way of documenting information, collecting data, and stimulating curiosity. 

Rather attend the live classes? Register for a live class here! 


Get the whole familiy involved! Price includes access for the whole family (on one Zoom login). Parents are welcome to participate. 


Lari Jo Edwards is the Science Education Specialist here at A Charlotte Mason Plenary. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University and a Master of Science degree in Ecological Teaching and Learning from Lesley University. For more info about Lari Jo, see her bio here


1. Lesson Time – Lari Jo will introduce the week’s “nature theme,” talk about what observations everyone will be making during Nearby Nature Time, and help set up a journal page to capture your discoveries.

2. Nearby Nature Time – During your Nearby Nature Time, you will go outside to discover a nature object that fits with the lesson’s theme. You will then record your observations in your nature journal based on your experience level of nature journaling (see below). 

3. Sharing Discoveries Time – After 20 minutes, everyone will reconvene and share what they have discovered. Sharing (narrating) discoveries helps to solidify knowledge about the local environment. Hearing what others discovered expands your knowledge of other parts of the world. Making connections with each other’s discoveries deepens your knowledge of the natural world.

All experience levels are welcome! Lari Jo teaches three different levels of nature journaling based on your experience and comfort level.


Level 1: Use of pictures and prompts such as “I Notice, I Wonder, It Reminds me of” to make observations on the page

Level 2: Includes Level 1, but we now also add words, pictures, numbers, and basic metadata to make observations on the page

Level 3: Includes everything in Level 1 and 2, with the addition of charts, graphs, maps, connections, questions, research, and more to add depth to the knowledge being gathered. This level uses a variety of observation and data collection skills. 


You Still Get Interaction with Lari Jo in the Pre-Recorded Classes!

Feeling like you might miss something if you can’t make the live classes? Don’t worry! The pre-recorded classes will still offer interactivity with Lari Jo! And you’ll still get to share your Nature Journal Pages with her!

Lari Jo uses a “Jamboard,” which is like a collaborative whiteboard! It’s a Google product used to connect with each other (at no cost to you). When you watch the Field Notes Fridays pre-recorded class and complete your Nature Journal page, you can upload your page to the Jamboard! Lari Jo will check the Jamboard weekly and give you feedback!

So if you have a question, you can place it on the Jamboard and she’ll answer it! If you have a thought that is exciting, please share it on the Jamboard! If you have the coolest page you’ve ever made, share it on the Jamboard! Lari Jo would love to see it!

The link to the Jamboard will be included in the email you get with the link to the pre-recorded class you purchased.

All who participate in #FieldNotesFriday, will:

  • Go outside more often
  • Enjoy the outdoors more completely
  • Make deeper observations
  • Write more boldly and freely
  • Write field notes more often
  • Build a community around nature and journaling that benefits others and ourselves



Noticing and Wondering – We will spend the first 20 minutes with Lari Jo learning the best ways to add Noticing and Wondering into your Nature Journal. Then go outside and spend 20 minutes in your Nearby Nature practicing those skills. After that, we will come back together on Zoom and talk about what we Noticed and Wondered as well as some of the great observations that we made!

Making Connections – We will spend the first 20 minutes with Lari Jo learning how to Connect the things we already know to the things we are Noticing and Wondering about. After that, we will spend 20 minutes in your Nearby Nature practicing those skills and then we’ll come back together on Zoom and talk about the Connections we made.

What is Metadata? – As scientists, we use metadata so that if someone else wants to also make observations about the place you put in your Nature Journal, they can come back at the same time of year (or even the same temperature of day or the same type of weather) in order to get a similar nature-journaling experience. We will spend the first 20 minutes with Lari Jo learning what metadata is and then go outside for 20 minutes to practice our metadata skills. Then we’ll come back together and talk about what we found because, since we are all located in different areas of the world, our metadata will look different. We can even make Connections about the metadata we’re learning today.

Putting it All Together – In this class, we’re going to learn about the Aesthetics of a Nature Journal page – how to make that page just really pop with all of the great information and observations you are making! We will spend a few minutes learning Page Layout and then we’ll go outside to practice one or two of those page layouts. Then we’ll come back together and share the unique pages that we’ve made!

Zoom In with a 100-Inch Hike – We’ll take 100 inches of string and lay it somewhere interesting in our Nearby Nature and then we’ll “hike” it with our fingers. All the observations we make will go in our Nature Journal page. We will practice together with my Nearby Nature and then you will go spend 20 minutes in your Nearby Nature and practice your own 100-inch hike. After that, we’ll come back together and talk about all the cool things we found in that teeny-tiny space!

Zoom Out with a Habitat High-Rise – Have you ever thought of a tree as a Habitat High-Rise? What is a habitat high-rise? That’s when we’re looking at it as if it were an apartment building with little mini-habitats stacked on top of each other. First, we will study the basement of that tree – the soil and the roots. Then we will study the trunk of the tree. Then we’ll look at what I call the “Penthouse Suite” – the canopy of the tree. We will spend 20 minutes visiting a tree near you. Then we’ll come back together and talk about what we found and share our Nature Journal pages together.


Join in! Register today! 

Price is per family (one class login).
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