Jewish Cultural History

JEWISH CULTURAL HISTORY with Amy Bodkin, EdS What if we had the opportunity to explore the beauty and rich history of minority cultures? And what if we had the opportunity to learn from someone who is part of that minority group but is also fluent in the majority culture? That is exactly what this class will offer! Whether you are a non-Jewish family looking to expand your knowledge of the beauty to be found in Jewish history or a Jewish familyRead More →

MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE We’ve got you covered when it comes to Middle School Science! All of our Science classes are taught by Lari Jo Edwards, the Science Education Specialist here at A Charlotte Mason Plenary. CLASS DESCRIPTION FROM LARI JO: Middle School Science spirals throughout grades 6 to 8; this means that rather than attempting to master all of the learnings within a subject (i.e. Biology, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science) in one year, students will explore elements of eachRead More →