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Verdi - man of mystery?

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I can't wait to meet my new students on September 9th for our first Fun with Composers and Solfa class! If you haven't registered, make sure to check out Rachel's posts on the new Charlotte Mason Co-Op!

We'll be learning about Verdi as our composer and practicing steps, skips, and repeated intervals with our solfa lessons during the class! I will provide individual suggestions to students to make sure we are encouraging your growth in the skill of singing and reading music! You are welcome no matter if you are a complete beginner, or have extensive training in singing! I hope you'll join us!

Let's talk a little about Verdi -

Something so interesting about Verdi’s personal life is that he purposefully gave different information to reporters and journalists! In one interview he would say his birthdate was October 10, in another, October 9! He loved talking about his music but felt that his personal life should be personal. I am thankful that we do have many personal stories about Verdi’s life so that he becomes more alive to us as we study and understand his music! I hope you’ll participate in discussions with us this term! Post your favorite music by Verdi in the comments!

Posted : 15/08/2021 6:16 am