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[Sticky] How to Find the Co-op Forum and the LMS

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If you are an approved member of The Charlotte Mason Co-op and are having trouble finding:

  • The private co-op area (hint: this is not it!)
  • The recorded classes in the LMS (Learning Management System)

then this post will help!

The first thing to check is if you are logged in. If you are not logged in, you will not be able to view the private "co-op members only" area of the forum or the LMS (where all the recordings of live classes, co-op meetings, and pre-recorded classes are stored).

Try these steps:


  • First make sure you are logged in
  • Click on the “My Account” menu link
  • See screenshot below “Menu My Account”
  • It will take you to the "My Account" page
  • Login with your email address that you used to purchase your co-op membership

> Screenshot “Menu My Account”


For the LMS (Recorded Classes and Meetings)

  • Once you’re on the "My Account" page and have logged in
  • Scroll down until you see the courses that you are enrolled in
    • See screenshot below “LMS on My Account page” as an example
  • Click on any of those courses to go to the course page
    • Then click on the lesson and/or topic you wish to view within that course
    • See screenshot “LMS Topic” as an example

> Screenshot “LMS on My Account page”


> Screenshot “LMS Topic”

The LMS (Learning Management Software) is where you can access any recording of a live class that you missed or would like to review. You will have access to each of your courses in the LMS system until the end of the semester (the Fall semester ends on Dec. 31; the Spring semester ends on April 30th).


For the Private Co-op Forum Area

  • Click on the “Forum” menu link
  • See screenshot below “Menu Forum”
  • It will take you to the main forum page here: 
  • Then scroll down until you see the private co-op area of the forum
    • see screenshot “Main Co-op Private Area”
  • You should be able to see the forums listed below:
    • Your CM Co-op Community
    • Mom’s Night Out!
    • Student Forum
  • Continue scrolling down until you see the forum(s) for your classes
    • See screenshot “Co-op Forum Classes example Fall 2021” as an example

> Screenshot “Menu Forum”


> Screenshot “Main Co-op Private Area”


> Screenshot “Co-op Forum Classes example Fall 2021”

The private Co-op Forum is where you can:

  • Talk directly to the instructors of your classes
  • Chat with other co-op families
  • Enjoy “Mom’s Night Out” meetings and other co-op events
  • Add your children to the Student Forum (if you want to)

You will have access to the private Co-op Forum for as long as your co-op membership remains active.



As a rule, if you are having trouble, always check that you are logged in first by going to the "My Account" page

If you're still having trouble / can't login, please reply to this post or you can message me via FB Messenger if you like by going to The Plenary FB page here and click the "Message" button... that way we can chat in real time and get things sorted out for you.

Hope that helps!

- Rachel

If you haven't introduced yourself in the co-op forum, please go to this post to say hello:

Post: Welcome to The Charlotte Mason Co-op!

FALL 2021 Co-op Members


Instructors for Fall 2021 Semester are:

Posted : 19/09/2021 1:19 pm
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Thank you!   This is a super helpful post!

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Sarah Bliss (@sarah-bliss) - I had a problem with your e-mail! I wanted to make sure everyone saw my post in our Fun with Composers and Solfa forum and sent everyone the link via e-mail. Please let me know if I need to update your e-mail! Thanks!

- RaeAnna

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